Construction claim disputes are very technical and usually present a variety of complex issues. Maraziti Falcon, LLP represents both the public sector and the private sector in federal and state courts and in alternative dispute resolution proceedings on various types of construction claims. Maraziti Falcon, LLP advises clients with regard to contract drafting, procurement of construction contracts, bid disputes, and overall compliance. Maraziti Falcon, LLP also represents its clients in the defense of litigated bid challenges, from the administrative level through the appeals process.

During the course of any construction project, a contractor’s claims may include damages related to differing site conditions, equitable adjustments, change orders, delay, disruption, loss of productivity, acceleration, withholding of payment, the date of substantial completion, scheduling disputes and such other claims. These types of claims are highly fact sensitive and usually turn on the legal interpretation of the language in the construction contract as well as the technical advice provided by the consulting engineer. Maraziti Falcon, LLP’s construction practice focuses on these complex claims and has the relevant experience in crafting defenses based upon termination for cause, liquidated damages, and post warranty claims. When warranted by the circumstances, Maraziti Falcon, LLP also assists its clients in the negotiation of takeover agreements with the surety in order to achieve project completion.