The Firm won an important victory in the Appellate Division for the City of Hoboken in Applied Monroe Lender LLC v. City of Hoboken Planning Board and City of Hoboken.  The subject property is in a redevelopment area and covered by a Redevelopment Plan.  The original redeveloper had entered bankruptcy and the Plaintiff purchased the property from the Bankruptcy Trustee.  The Plaintiff then sought to proceed directly to the Planning Board without becoming the designated redeveloper or entering into a redevelopment agreement with the City.  The Appellate Division agreed with the City of Hoboken that the Redevelopment Plan prohibited an application to the Planning Board without first becoming the designated redeveloper.  This unanimous decision upholds the principle that a municipality plays an integral and necessary role in the redevelopment process.  This well-reasoned opinion guarantees that cities and towns in New Jersey will remain active participants in redevelopment and recognizes the importance of a well written and comprehensive Redevelopment Plan.  It was an important win for all municipalities engaged in redevelopment in New Jersey, as it reinforces the powers and key role of the public sector in the process to revitalize New Jersey’s cities and towns.  The project will be the recipient of one of New Jersey Future’s Smart Growth Awards 2018, recognized as an innovative redevelopment project that incorporates notable resiliency features.