Representing the City of Hoboken as Special Redevelopment Counsel, Joanne Vos drafted and negotiated a Redevelopment Agreement for a substantial mixed-use project to be implemented in the lesser-trafficked Western Edge area of the City. The project will consist of two (2) mixed-use residential buildings containing a collective total of approximately 1,593,040 square feet and comprising no more than seven hundred and one (701)residential units, and the provision of Affordable Housing Units, as well as no less than five hundred and twenty-six (526) parking spaces; rooftop pools, decks and various residential amenities; and office and retail components in each of the buildings. The project also includes the construction of 40,000 square feet of open space which will comprise a portion of the Linear Park, a green circuit that will provide pedestrian and bicycle connectivity around the City and which will be implemented in stages. Most notably, the project will generate a Community Benefit Payment to the City in the total amount of $6 million to be utilized by the City for a public purpose within the Western Edge Redevelopment Area, which may include the development of a community pool and recreation center.