As Special Environmental Counsel to the City of Hoboken, Joanne Vos assisted the City in its landmark acquisition of three parcels, comprising a total of six acres of real property in Northwest Hoboken, most of which is to be developed into a resiliency park.

The $30 million transaction involved evaluating and assessing environmental liability, the drafting and negotiating of complex environmental provisions in the Purchase and Sale Agreement, assuring compliance with applicable federal and state environmental laws, rules and regulations, working with a Licensed Site Remediation Professional to confirm that the remediation of the property is protective of human health and the environment, and assisting in the procurement of environmental insurance for the City’s protection.

Importantly, the resiliency park will provide a stormwater detention system capable of collecting up to 1 million gallons of stormwater in order to address the City’s flood concerns, consistent with the City’s comprehensive water management strategy, known as “Resist, Delay, Store, Discharge.”