Maraziti Falcon worked with Mayor Dawn Zimmer; Brandy A. Forbes, P.P., AICP; the Hoboken City Council; and Dave Roberts, P.P., Maser Consulting on the Redevelopment Plan to transform an area of the City, which is dominated by the last vestiges of Hoboken’s industrial past. The Plan focuses on sustainability and resiliency measures to address the challenges the City faces from stormwater threats and seeks to implement portions of the Rebuild by Design plans for the City as it addresses the transformation of the area to mixed use residential/retail/commercial uses.

The Western Edge Redevelopment Plan received a 2016 Planning Award from The New Jersey Planning Officials.

Photo:  David Roberts, Maser Consulting PA; Brandy A. Forbs, Director-Community Development, City of Hoboken; Joseph J. Maraziti, Jr., Special Redevelopment Counsel – City of Hoboken; and Zachary Zellman, Planner, Maser Consulting PA